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Reefpoint Marina in Racine, Wisconsin

Located between Chicago and Milwaukee, Reefpoint Marina is a hidden gem, offering the best in convenience, customer care and value. Reefpoint Marina is owned by Racine County and professionally managed by Siegel-Gallagher Management Company, a national leader in responsible property management. We are pleased to offer all the amenities a boater should expect at their home port, plus many more!

Convenience means a short drive from Reefpoint Marina to downtown Racine, Wisconsin. Shopping, dining and entertainment are just a few blocks away. Weekend events, entertainment and activities fill the calendar in friendly Racine, promising fun for all ages. Whether you want a quiet night in after a day on the Lake, or a night filled with fun, Reefpoint will meet your needs.

Reefpoint Marina has a well established reputation for providing the best overall experience around. Being treated like family is not an overstatement. It’s what you should expect, and what we’ll deliver. Boating is a lifestyle, so why not enjoy every moment of it—both on the water and ashore?

Sure, there are other marinas on the Lake, but only one will treat you like a valued guest every time you dock. Reefpoint Marina is where convenience, customer care and genuine value meet. Stay with us for one night and we guarantee you‘ll come back time and time again.

Reefpoint Earns Top Marina Rating

Reefpoint Marina in Racine was recently awarded a four star “1st Choice” marina designation status by the popular ActiveCaptain boater app. Reefpoint is the only marina on the Great Lakes to earn this recognition, which is based strictly from boater reviews. ActiveCaptain is an interactive boater app used by over 200,000 boaters across North America,…


Why Reefpoint Marina

Whether planning a short get-away to Reefpoint Marina or a full seasonal stay, you will truly be delighted by your decision. Let our friendly staff engulf you with superior customer service as you surround yourself with the resort-like amenities. Located just a few short blocks away from historic downtown Racine, surrender yourself to the Midwest’s…


Reefpoint Marina Testimonials

  • Reefpoint is GREAT!

    It had slipped in years past when under the operation of the previous management. Now Reefpoint is under the management of SG Marina and things are majorly on the Up and UP! Friendly Staff, Great Management, Important Improvements and Solid events make Reefpoint Marina the Gem of the Great Lakes! If out cruising or looking for a new port, Reefpoint Marina cannot be surpassed! Frederick Bauer Slip Lessee for over 5 Years
    Frederick Bauer
  • We just came back after a 3 year break from Reefpoint to see if we wanted to move back. We met the NEW operators and were told everything we wanted to hear. We went to our old slip and it was OPEN!! July 4 we are back and here forever. Most of our friends are still here and we couldn't be happier! The one thing that really stands out about Reefpoint now is Carrie VanDera and her staff!! She asks me every time I see her, "How is everything, is there anything we can do you for you?" Who wouldn't like to have that question asked to them? They really want to make your stay here nice. I have had a few requests and they really do mean it when they ask if you need anything. The Store is awesome as well. Seems like what ever you need it is there. If you smoke cigars I have found their prices are about $2 cheaper on most of their selection than the cigar shops I have been to. Good selection as well.
    Jeff Krueger
  • My husband and I came down to visit from Coon Valley, WI. We stopped at the Reef Point Marina and had a great time. If you are looking for a place to dock your boat I would go to Reef Point Marina. The people are very nice and helpful. Thanks Again Reef Point Marina and have a great summer !
    Samantha Knapp